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Hydraulics & Mining technology

  • Making sure everything keeps moving.

    Conditions underground place extremely high demands on the equipment being used. Our control systems ensure that it runs smoothly. EEP’s pilot controllers and electro-hydraulic pilot controllers have an exceptionally long service life and pay for themselves amply. They ensure that the hydraulic cylinders in the roof support structure function without problems at all times.

    Our complete solutions naturally also include all the necessary hydraulic components such as non-return, water spray, pressure control, shuttle and shutoff valves and filters, back-flushing filters and filter stations. Their high quality and ease of operation make them an indispensable element of an efficient coal mine.

    Our product range also includes a wide spectrum of sensors for reliable monitoring of the hydraulic cylinders in the roof support structure and for ensuring the necessary constant working pressure.
    Our equipment is compatible with practically all machinery used in underground plants.


Pilot control

Electro-hydraulic pilot control

Solenoid valves

Pilot valves

Double NRV

Line NRV



Shut-off valve

Pressure-limiting valve

Rock-burst valves

Standard filter

Filter station

Double back-flush filter

Automatic double back-flush filter


Water-spray valve

Bottom valve

Pressure indicator

PR 116 Control unit

PR 116 active server

PR 324 control unit

Pressure sensors

Position sensors

Infrared sensors

Inclination sensor

Industrial PCs

Power supply units and lighting