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Data transmission & Communication

  • Having all the figures to hand at all times.

    In order for automated coal mining to function safely and without problems, a large volume of data must be continually captured, transmitted and evaluated. Today every modern mine has an appropriate control and monitoring system which can be accessed both from below ground and on surface by means of intelligent data transmission systems.

    Using EEP data transmission systems you are always on the safe side. Modern, intrinsically-safe fieldbus systems transmit all relevant data reliably and efficiently. EEP’s equipment enables all currently standard field bus systems - such as Profibus, Modbus and CAN bus - to be realized without problems. Couplers and optical fibres complete our product range and let you solve complex data transmission tasks - just as you wish and require.

    Also tailored exactly to the requirements of underground mining is our own-developed PR 111 industrial PC. Robust, extremely low in power consumption, compact and with simple user guidance, it enables all types of measurement data to be captured and displayed. Data can be processed or archived for later evaluation. It can be forwarded and distributed via the computer’s various interfaces. Another essential application is the immediate triggering of alarms.


UDP-Profibus-Modbus coupler

Profibus FSK repeater

Profibus fibre optic repeater

Profibus FSK 6-way

Profibus FSK serial

Profibus FSK fibre optic coupler

Profibus RS485 FSK

Profibus RS485-optical

Bus diagnosis