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  • We know what matters in mining.

    Anybody seeking to operate a mining business cost-efficiently and with an orientation to profitability automates the necessary work processes. The technology used for this must satisfy the highest demands: absolute precision and reliability, uninterrupted monitoring of all relevant measurement and process parameters, and flexible control of machines to enable them to respond to changing, mining-specific conditions - and all this orientated to maximum possible safety.

    We know this at EEP and can offer you the exact mining technology that you require. You receive from us tailor made, intelligent automation solutions for your mining operations. Our products include complete electro-hydraulic longwall control systems and all associated auxiliary equipment.

    The “center-piece” of our various, innovative products and applications is PRA_matic® - a complete longwall control system for underground coal mining. Our in-house design intrinsically safe PRA_matic® control units ensure electro-hydraulic control of the shields with absolute precision and can perform up to 24 functions automatically. Meanwhile we offer options for controlling and monitoring all other components and machines with EEP’s high-performance programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the necessary couplers.



UDP 200C Slave

Digital input module

Analogue input module

Line monitoring

4-channel NAMUR module Automation

Temperature module

Radio module

Proportional valve activation

Relay output

5-15 Hz frequency input module

Ethernet switch

Plough position monitoring