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  • PR 116 active server

    PR 116 active serverHYDRAULics & mining Technology

    The PR116/V/H/16M is an intrinsically-safe, CE-certified and high-performance pre-processing unit that is used in conjunction with the PR116/S/H/08 control units for the electro-hydraulic control of roof support/longwall systems.

    With a built-in FSK modem, 16-bit processor and based on Profibus technology, the PR 116/V/H/16M is used as a high-performance server to guarantee secure and rapid data processing and transmission. The active server collects all longwall-relevant information, evaluates and transmits it via the FSK modem using the Profibus to the central control stations below and above ground.

    The server can be used for both local and global parameterising of the PR116/S/H/08, password-protected, secure and quickly.

    Malfunctions in the longwall are displayed on the PR116/V/H/16M and can be acknowledged here after the fault has been corrected if necessary.


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