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    Industrial PCsHYDRAULIcs & Mining Technology

    PR111 - this industrial PC has been developed for the specific requirements of underground mining and satisfies all the conditions necessary for this challenging environment. Its design, with no moving parts, is extremely low in power consumption and thus produces very little heat by itself.
    Primary areas of application include:

    • capturing and displaying measurement values of all kinds
    • processing data and issuing alarms
    • archiving data for later evaluation
    • forwarding and distributing data via its many interfaces
    • visualisation of all types

    With its compact design the unit can be flexibly used underground and it offers simple user guidance familiar from conventional PCs.


Pilot control

Electro-hydraulic pilot control

Solenoid valves

Pilot valves

Double NRV

Line NRV



Shut-off valve

Pressure-limiting valve

Rock-burst valves

Standard filter

Filter station

Double back-flush filter

Automatic double back-flush filter


Water-spray valve

Bottom valve

Pressure indicator

PR 116 Control unit

PR 116 active server

PR 324 control unit

Pressure sensors

Position sensors

Infrared sensors

Inclination sensor

Industrial PCs

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