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  • UDP 200 CPU


    The EEP programmable logic controller (UDP PLC) is used to control, compute and/or regulate plants and machines in process engineering, in underground mining operations and in the chemicals industry. It is approved under ATEX I M2 EEx ib (intrinsically safe) and can thus be used in zones subject to risk of explosion. Programming is carried out using the manufacturer-independent MULTIPROG programming system from KW-Software.

    The UDP PLC is modular in design; as a central controller it can be linked to a maximum of 8 digital and/or analogue UDP I/O modules. This results in a maximum of 64 process signals (8 x 8 channels per module) which the UDP PLC can process in this form. Both DP (master-slave) and FDL (multi-master) functionalities can be used.

    In addition to the central version, it is possible to configure the controller with decentralised I/O allocation, i.e. the process signals spatially separated about the plant, are captured by I/O modules in the locations where they occur. Communication between the I/O devices and the central PLC is effected via the PROFIBUS. The system uses decentralised peripherals (DP) functionality to transfer data and for the parameterization of devices within the scope of process automation.



UDP 200C Slave

Analogue input module

Digital input module

Line monitoring

4-channel NAMUR module Automation

Temperature module

Radio module

Proportional valve activation

Relay output

5-15 Hz frequency input module

Ethernet switch

Plough position monitoring